Goal Setting Tips (pdf doc)

As January is the time of year most people think about setting new goals I thought it might be useful to share some tips on goal setting.  It's in a pdf document so you can print it off or save it. 

The document will guide you through a structure that will help you establish a well thought through challenging but achievable set of goals that you are more likely to follow through on. Hope you enjoy?  Click here


In this busy world we live in most of us get caught up in living day to day and/or working to make a living. Very few of us ever step back and design the life we want to live. Why not?

Setting yourselves goals to aim for is one of the steps you can take to designing your life so you can start to move towards the life you want to live. Goals help you to take charge of your lives, rather than life taking charge of you!

Good Goals set you up for success! When your goals are well-defined you know exactly what you are working towards, it's much easier to get started, make action plans, see progress and ultimately succeed!

In this article I share two different structures you can use to refine your goals so you give yourself the best chance of success!
1. SMART Goals
2. 28 goal refining questions

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